A Short Wet Woodland "Wellie" Walk

The Walk

Distance - approx. 1 mile
Terrain - Very wet in places


a)      Find the public footpath on the left, just uphill from the car park and almost opposite the turning for Ceibwr.

b)     After a short walk the track forks. Take the left fork downhill to the stream and footbridge.

c)     Cross over the bridge and follow the obvious path to a field. Follow this path along the edge of the field for a short way before re-entering the wood by the telegraph pole.

d)     This is the very wet section which follows a sort of path through woodland to another bridge. (Badly damaged by previous storms)

e)      Cross over this bridge and up the other side to emerge into someone's garden and beside a cottage.

f)      Follow this path beside the cottage and just as you join the main driveway, look for a field gate beside a small outbuilding, this is on your right. Drop down into the field towards the stile which is visible at the bottom.

g)      Cross the stile and stream, making your way up through the steep wood to the field at the top. (No visible path).

h)      Turn right through field to the top gate which will lead to another and yet another! beside a lone cottage. The track (perhaps on old drover's way) drops down beside the cottage and will eventually emerge where you forked left earlier and thence back to the starting point of your walk.


Di Illingworth


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