Ancient Burial Chamber


The Walk

Distance - approx. 4.5 miles
Terrain - Some uphill, mostly quiet roads and some muddy country lanes.


a)       From top of hill by green triangle/postbox on Newport Road, go uphill along the road to the footpath sign at the entrance to Penlan Farm (on left 0.5m approx.)

b)      Follow the track until reaching a split (approve 0.3m)Taking the left branch will lead you to view the Cromlech (burial chamber)

c)      Return to slit in track and now take the right hand branch. This follows beside the field that contains the cromlech but has no access. This green track has the charming name of "Nell's Lane".Continue to the very end keeping left at the junction with farm track, following the footpath sign to reach a minor
road. (1 m).

d)     Turn left along the minor road, past a T junction until reaching a cross roads Bwlch-y-Groes (1m)

e)     Turn left for Moylegrove (1m)

f)      At the first junction turn left to reach the starting point of your walk

Di Illingworth


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