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Moylegrove School 1903


Sadly Moylegrove School was closed in July of 2003 but it had played an important part in village life for many years and is therefore part of our history. The following notes were made during happier times for the school

In 1954 there was an outbreak of Tuberculosis at the school.As a result all the record books were destroyed which ma kes researching into the history of the school before 1954 difficult.

After 1730 The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge provided Welsh Bibles for use in "Circulating Schools" 
They were called "Circulating schools" because travelling teachers were employed in one village until all those who wished to, had learned to read. They then moved on to another village. Great good was done at little cost. No permanent buildings were needed and no rent was charged as they were held in churches or cottages. The teachers' salaries were very low, and books very cheap. There are no complete records, but in 1745/6 Pembrokeshire had several teachers, one in Moylegrove and one in Monington.

Before the present School was built it is believed that a school was held in a small building opposite Bethel Chapel. This was called Festri Fach, the building was also used for the W.I., Home Guard and Bethel Sunday School until Bethel Vestry was built in 1932. This building is just visible on the photograph of Moylegrove 1903.

This is an extract from The School Inspectors report in 1955.
“The school is a delightful little community with a happy atmosphere. The pupils are natural and pleasant;- they are also responsive and appear to be keenly interested in the various activities”

which compares with the recent SPAEM report in 1997;-

“A happy, caring community which promotes sound values and attitudes”.........”Pupils make  good progress in the acquisition on knowledge and demonstrate a positive attidude to their learning and an interest in their work” 
.......”There is a strong sense of belonging to the school and the community”...............   “The school provides a broad, balanced curriculum which includes all National Curriculum subjects and religious education”


The present building was erected in 1867, with a girls cloakroom added in 1894. Money was raised locally to build a school for 117 children. 

Moylegrove School was a Board school until 1902. After the new Education Act it became a Council School.

In 1894, headmaster Joseph Lewis was paid £50 annually, Frances Owen the sewing mistress was paid £4 and Maurice Williams got 2 shillings for sweeping the chimney.

The School has always played a large and significant role in the Moylegrove community.

In 1958 there was a Grand Sale held at the school which  raised £700 for street lighting in the village. 

Throughout the year there are events held by the School which involve the local people.

Before Christmas each year the members of the School stage a lively concert or play in the village, which is very entertaining and always very well attended.

St Davids Day, March 1st, is celebrated in the School with the children dressing in traditional Welsh costume, and taking part in the school Eisteddfod, with singing, reciting poetry etc. Often children represent the school at the County Eisteddfod and occasionally reach the National Eisteddfod.

During the summer term the annual Sports Day is held, the children and parents can perform in a wide variety of competitions. 

The School takes part in many other events in Moylegrove and is frequently seen out on Field trips in the Village.

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