The Tithe War
The 1880's saw economic depression setting in. Nonconformists did not agree with paying Tithes to an "Alien Church", but the depression caused massive resentment culminating in "The Tithe War"



  Moylegrove 1882 taken from Plas y Mwswm.

Farmers who refused to pay their tithes, were subject to enforced sales of their stock to pay their debts.
These sales were obstructed by those who opposed payment in many ways.

Gates to farms would be locked.

Large boulders or Hawthorn bushes would block the way to the sale.

The "Tithe Horn" would be sounded by the farmer to summon help from his neighbours to deter the "officials" from carrying out their duty. 

Pegi Lewis lived at Whitland. Her father, Dafydd Lewis y Crudd, was a Congregationalist with "advanced views". He had died in 1869. It is said that when Pegi was confronted by the "officials" who wished to take her cow in lieu of tithes, she stood her ground. She opened the field gate, allowing her beast to go free. Needless to say the "official" from the court was unable to catch this cow and went away empty handed!


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